Employee’s Attractiveness in A Change Phenomenon

  • Khaoula Naja National School of Commerce and Management of settat, Hassan first University of Settat, Morocco
  • Amina Asli National School of Commerce and Management of settat, Hassan first University of Settat, Morocco
Keywords: Attractiveness, Change, Human Resources, Technology


Every day, changes come to meet human’s daily life. This is basically related to the technological domination that has been changing individuals’ behavior.

Considering the human resources being the core capital of the company, the latter is automatically and directly affected by this change phenomenon; especially in attracting talented employees which is the first step of the recruitment process.

In front of this situation, the company is facing the challenge of proving its agility and providing solutions, especially that the job market is nowadays marked by the increasing talent war and the extensive complexity. The company needs to go with the flow and to surf on the wave of the change, in order to keep its place in the market or even to create a competitive edge.

In this article we will be studying the characteristics that define the 45-65’s and the Y generations behavior. Through this study we will find out the new elements that attract the new generation (generation Y), to finally illustrate how can the employer (company) bend the new situation to his advantage and develop a new attractiveness strategy using the Y generation tools.

The study is first based on a deep review and analysis of literature. Then, a qualitative ethnographic case study bringing out contextual real-world knowledge about the behaviors, social structures and shared beliefs of a generation Y belonging to the call center industry.


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Naja, K., & Asli, A. (2021). Employee’s Attractiveness in A Change Phenomenon. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 2(2), 357-367. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4641493