Transformation of the HR function in Moroccan companies: the case of e-recruitment

  • Mouna EL MOUSADIK Sultan Moulay Slimane University of Béni Mellal, Morocco
  • Soukaina BOUTAKY Chouaib Doukkali University of El Jadida, Morocco
Keywords: HRM, digitalization, E-recruitment, Moroccan companies


The digitalization of human resources function of companies is a current topic that has been arised with the emergence of NICTs and the health crisis that has disrupted the mode of management of organizations. Because of this disruption, these organizations have been forced to introduce new modes of human resources management to cope with the economic and social changes that companies have experienced.

Indeed, employment issues are at the heart of the debates and the search for the best talents has become one of the biggest challenges for the HRD as well as for the managers who would like to face the new expectations and the globalization. At the level of the human resources mission, the arrival of the Internet has profoundly changed the recruitment process. The changing context requires organizations to define new recruitment standards and methods in order to meet the current challenges with the appropriate norms.

This research falls under the field work of Human Resource Management and that analyzes the degree of transformation of the recruitment function in the digital era and the perception of recruiters of this shift towards e-recruitment. Therefore, we have chosen to study the perception of e-recruitment among recruiters in Moroccan companies. To do this, we adopted a hypothetical-deductive approach. The quantitative study through a survey distributed among 100 Moroccan human resources managers allows us to conclude that e-recruitment is employed by the majority of the respondents, but the crisis of covid-19 has propelled its expansion. This method, finally, remains a strategic choice for them and its use is increasingly important given the facilities that it offers during the recruitment process.


Keywords: HRM, digitalization, E-recruitment, Moroccan companies.

JEL Classification: O15

Paper type: Empirical Research 


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EL MOUSADIK, M., & BOUTAKY, S. (2023). Transformation of the HR function in Moroccan companies: the case of e-recruitment. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 4(1-2), 394-405.