The role of professional training in Human Capital development

  • Jalila AIT SOUDANE Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco
  • Fadoua OUALLAL Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco
  • Zakia NOUIRA Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco
  • Mounia AMAZIAN Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco
Keywords: Human Capital, Professional Training, Continuing training


The Human Capital development is seen as one of the main concerns of Moroccan highest institutions, whether in the education sector or in the private and public professional field.

Moreover, this component represents a major axis underlying the New Development Model of Morocco. The strengthening of human capital is mandatory regarding the leading role of knowledge as a key determinant of economic growth, in the context of accelerating technological change, requiring for its appropriation of new skills and qualifications.

Also, it is relevant to add that Morocco, as a nation, has multiple and varied assets which can be seen in its cultural diversity and in its geographical openness, as well as in its mobility, whether on the national or international level.

As a result, in the context of this research work, we have chosen to study a targeted population representative of the professional panorama, namely government officials from all sectors (ministerial departments, public institutions, government agencies, regional delegations, etc.). The purpose of this study is, ultimately, to identify the level of impact of professional training in human capital development of employees.

In this perspective, quantitative research was carried out by adopting the interpretivist paradigm. To do this, we sent a structured survey to government officials in order to allow us to measure the role of vocational training in their Human Capital development, but also to determine the type of human capital according to its categorization.



JEL Classification : M53

Paper type : Empirical research


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AIT SOUDANE, J., OUALLAL, F., NOUIRA, Z., & AMAZIAN, M. (2022). The role of professional training in Human Capital development. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 3(4-1), 491-508.