Islamic Entrepreneurial Approach: Singularity and Intersections with Customary Entrepreneurial Approaches

  • Driss El Kadiri Boutchich Mohamed Premier University Oujda, Morocco
  • Narjiss Jarroudi Mohamed Premier University Oujda, Morocco
Keywords: Approaches-Islam-Entrepreneurship-Singularity-Intersection


This theoretical publication, resulting from a constructive epistemological posture research using a qualitative study approached in a double sense: By the first qualitative sense relating to the theoretical component: the aim is to develop concepts that will help us better understand customary and Islamic approaches, in entrepreneurial contexts; and by the second qualitative sense relating to the empirical aspect: According to Eisenhardt (1989), for whom, a qualitative approach is necessary and useful when the phenomenon is not sufficiently known and the objective of research is to build rather than test. Notably, entrepreneurship in an Islamic approach, as we discuss in a forthcoming publication, is only presented by a few studies; this sense presents a point of junction with the constructive approach attempting to build an effective entrepreneurial model in an Islamic approach M.E.E.A.I.

The objective of this theoretical article is to make a comparison between the practices of the Islamic entrepreneurial approach and its same practices among customary approaches to identify the points that reconcile the two categories of approaches. Then, we accentuate the distinctive aspect of the Islamic approach.

The Islamic approach, continued for more than 15 centuries to hold its place in the business world; while preserving the same sources of its legislation 'these sources, and to take into consideration the sphere in which they are applied, have been readjusted and revised through Islamic jurisprudence without departing from the framework of the Shari’a Islamic. Other customary approaches have had to go through centuries to come close to this Islamic approach, in terms of socially responsible entrepreneurship, female entrepreneurship, and the setting up of institutions that ensure the proper functioning of entrepreneurship.



JEL Classification: B59

Paper type: Theoretical Research


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El Kadiri Boutchich, D., & Jarroudi, N. (2021). Islamic Entrepreneurial Approach: Singularity and Intersections with Customary Entrepreneurial Approaches. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 2(6-1), 584-601.