Selection policies for young project leaders: Case of the ARIEJ program

Keywords: Selection-support-indicators-matrix-ARIEJ


Entrepreneurial support is a process that revolves mainly around the selection policy and the mediation policy or support in its narrowest sense. The literature specializing in the field has tried since its awakening to present the essentials of support by focusing rather on the mediation process and leaving the selection policy to the care of practitioners who have developed very diverse acts and logics. . In addition, selection strategies can be considered a strong link in any entrepreneurial support process. By virtue of their ability to identify the most suitable candidates, they participate in the establishment and implementation of this support according to the terms of reference issued by the funders. Between strict policies and others more flexible, each support program must be able to present a selection plan following well-defined stages. In our work, we will try to present the peculiarities of a selection policy as well as the different facets of its applicability by choosing as a framework for the program the Improvement of Income and Economic Inclusion of young people adopted by the Initiative. National Human Development. It is more particularly a question of developing a grid of indicators which will guide our selection policy by taking an experimental path, since the program is practically a novelty. Our problem lies in the choice of indicators which obey the aims of the program without condemning the applications which show a very low potential for success.


JEL Classification: M10

Paper type: Empirical Research. 


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Bouarara, K., & Haddad, M. (2021). Selection policies for young project leaders: Case of the ARIEJ program. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 2(6-1), 94-111.