Quality in Moroccan public hospitals : Challenges and areas of improvement

  • Wadiâ Chahouati Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences of Tanger, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco
Keywords: Quality approach, Moroccan public hospital, Improvement of public hospital services


Public hospitals in Morocco suffer from a lot of dysfunctions and shortcomings, which have in their turn perverse effects on the quality of their practices, their activities and services (shortage and lack of management of resources, governance problems, staff demotivation, accessibility difficulties, user dissatisfaction, etc.). Several efforts have been made by the ministry of health through the implementation of a set of reforms, strategies and action plans, in order to control and reduce the impact of those dysfunctions in the public hospital world. From the 1990s, the ministry of health have focused mainly on quality procedures (Competition for quality, certifications, hospital accreditation, etc.), to ensure both the correction of certain dysfunctions and the improvement of the quality of services offered to public hospital services users. However, all these efforts could not succeed. As a matter of fact, they were not able to make the change in the Moroccan public hospital world work.

In this article, we try to dissect the main quality initiatives that have been established in the public hospitals of the kingdom, to shed some light on the main obstacles that hinder their success, and therefore, suggest ways of improvement to allow their sustainability. We implicitly target, through this work, the identification and the contribution to the fixing of the major dysfunctions of the Moroccan public hospitals that strive to improve their services, performances and ability to cope with various challenges, issues and risks such as the serious repercussions and the devastating consequences of the current covid-19 pandemic.


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