Moroccan Participatory Banks in the Era of the Covid-19 International Health Crisis

Keywords: COVID-19, Participatory Bank, Economic Recovery, Morocco


Apart from the paralysis of the real estate sector and the closure of notaries and concessionaires, the economic situation of customers which is in decline because of the crisis weighs heavily on the activity of participatory banks. Therefore, in Morocco, like all other industries, the participatory banking industry has suffered from the onset of the state of health emergency and total containment of citizens, due to the “COVID-19” health crisis. But participatory banks are relatively better off than conventional banks. However, our present article aims to present the state of play of the said participatory banks a priori and post-mortem of the health crisis in the Moroccan financial fabric, taking into account the measures taken by the monetary authorities at national and international level. Furthermore, a descriptive, understandable and explanatory methodology has been adopted on the basis of a qualitative approach, which aims to identify the concrete situation involving a particular phenomenon. It is therefore a question of understanding and describing the situation of participating banks in the Moroccan banking system during the so-called “COVID-19”. Indeed, by giving meaning to our problem through observation, description and interpretation, by appreciating their context as it presents itself and by providing content data. However, Moroccan participatory banks are called upon to make more sustained efforts in mobilizing savings, in particular by proposing a daily offer of services from the bank that must be competitive, while relying on the affinity that distinguishes it from the classic offer. Moreover, the Moroccan participatory banks still suffer from a significant imbalance in balance sheet management due to several factors. However, this crisis situation was inevitable, but the Moroccan monetary authorities hope that it will only be temporary and that things will return to order as they go.


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EL Azzouzi, Z. (2021). Moroccan Participatory Banks in the Era of the Covid-19 International Health Crisis. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 2(2), 107-120.