The particularities of the management of sports organizations

Case of professional football clubs in Morocco

  • Ghizlane El-Guennouni National School of Business and Management of El jadida, Choiaib Doukkali University, Morocco
  • Mustapha Ezzahiri Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences of El Jadida, Chouaib Doukkali University, Morocco
Keywords: Sports organization, Environment, Management, Professional Football Clubs, Stakeholders theory


The objective of our work is to shed light on the particularities of management in the context of sports organizations (SOs), more particularly Moroccan Professional Football Clubs (PFCs). For this purpose, we have opted for an exploration method based on the review of existing literature and the consultation of official documents. We have described the singularity of the SO environment, and the importance of the relationship between the entity and its environment, drawing on the contributions of contingency theory on the one hand. Stakeholder theory has served us as an essential approach to the study of the nature of the relationships they have with the organization on the other hand. Describing the particularities of the environment of Moroccan PSCs has allowed us to understand the particularities of managing this context and its importance both to steer these organizations and to respond perfectly to the environmental issues that impact them. Indeed, this work enriches the studies carried out on managerial practices in the sports context. The latter gives this research an original character given the limited number of works in this direction in Morocco. It is however limited by the methodology implemented and requires recourse to the field for more in-depth studies.


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El-Guennouni, G., & Ezzahiri, M. (2021). The particularities of the management of sports organizations: Case of professional football clubs in Morocco. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 2(2), 135-150.