Corruption and Adoption Process of Information Systems: Literature Review

Keywords: Corruption, Information System, Adoption, Misappropriating, Appropriation


Information Systems (IS) are proposed as effective systems to release the potential of organizations regarding the integration of business processes and management. The aim of this theoretical research is to propose a conceptual and theoretical framework allowing to clarify the relationship between corruption and the adoption process of IS and/or Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) within an organizational context. The following theoretical analysis provides a framework for studying the influence of corruption on the process of adoption and appropriation of IS/ICT, the factors responsible for misuse of IS, and forms of misappropriation of IS uses. Our research revolves around the corruption practices making by final users in the organizational context and the influence of these on the adoption process of IS. A discussion on how and in which direction the corrupt practices influence the adoption process of IS at the company level was proposed. In this analysis, our work will focus on the second section of the literature review concerning the successive adoption of IS/ICT, the adoption process of IS/ICT, and the relationship between corruption and using technologies. Finally, as a third section, we attempt to answer the main question of our theoretical research as follows: What are the factors involved in the misuse of IS within an organizational context and what are the most frequent corrupt practices in the IS adoption process?


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Talii, T., Okar, C., & Chroqui, R. (2021). Corruption and Adoption Process of Information Systems: Literature Review. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 2(2), 20-41.