Contribution of knowledge management to the competitiveness of Moroccan companies: empirical study

  • Mohammed KHAOUJA Faculty of Economics and Management, Hassan First University, Settat, Morocco


In recent years, several theories have been put forward for the practice of KM. However, given the abstract nature of the field, there is little consensus on the components and modes of knowledge management. Much current research focuses on one or a few organizational elements of knowledge management. The critical and fundamental relationships between all elements are often overlooked. The need for theories, principles and empirical methods for knowledge management is widely recognized in the existing management literature. Thus, the main motivation of this research is to develop a broad model in the form of a holistic framework for corporate knowledge management and to highlight the tangible impacts of knowledge management on the competitiveness of Moroccan companies’ subject of the study carried out in 2019/2020 and to present the challenges of Knowledge management and contributed to a good understanding of the benefits of KM for the company.

The research study is carried out with an interpretative paradigm and the non-demonstrative induction approach with a questionnaire research strategy to explore and describe various factors influencing the practice of knowledge management in organizations.

The results of this research revealed a significant relationship between knowledge management and competitiveness through the establishment of a culture of sharing and recognition promoting increased productivity of employees, through the involvement of customers in the process of product development and strengthens their loyalty, considerable efficiency of the innovation process due to capitalization on good R/D project management practices and improved decision-making.


Keywords: Knowledge management; culture of sharing; intellectual capital; competitiveness.

Classification JEL: M41

Paper type: Empirical Research


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KHAOUJA, M. (2024). Contribution of knowledge management to the competitiveness of Moroccan companies: empirical study. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 5(3), 437-454.