The challenges of local milk production and marketing in Senegal

  • Serigne Moussa DIA Cheikh Alioune DIOP University of Bambey, Senegal


This in-depth study highlights the crucial importance of production, marketing, and tax measures related to the dairy sector in Senegal. This sector plays a pivotal role in the national economy, significantly contributing to job creation, income generation, and the revitalization of rural areas. Unfortunately, it faces major challenges, including fierce competition from cheap powdered milk imports and unfavorable taxation that hinders its full potential.

Nevertheless, the local dairy sector remains a vital pillar of the Senegalese economy and is of paramount importance for the food security of the population. To ensure its long-term viability, strategic measures are necessary. This includes the implementation of regulations to balance the milk market and encourage industrial investments in collection.

The study is based on rigorous methodology, involving data collection from various stakeholders in the dairy sector. A thorough literature review, including the analysis of reports from the past decade, has been conducted to assess organizational challenges, product distribution, and the necessary incentives to strengthen investments in this crucial sector. These findings will provide a solid foundation for targeted recommendations aimed at supporting and revitalizing the dairy sector in Senegal.


Keywords: Local dairy industry; Economic impact; Fiscal challenges; Food security; Milk imports.

Classification JEL : D4, L11, Q11, Q14

Paper type: Analytical Research


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