Regional growth mechanisms in Morocco: evidence on convergence approach

  • Najat ATTAR BOULAICH National School of Trade and Management Tangier Morocco


Our study is structured around regional growth in Morroco, with the starting point of the observation of a persistence of development disparities, especially between regions. After a brief reminder of Advanced Regionalization which is a process that has highlighted the role of the region in achieving endogenous and balanced territorial development, we try to understand the mechanisms and factors by which this regional development generates the development of the country, and this through the study of the dynamics of economic development of Moroccan regions. To do this, we quantify the impact of these factors through the convergence approach which aims to understand the evolution of the distribution of regional development gaps using an approach to measuring regional inequalities according to the deficit index. This study made it possible to analyze and evaluate the reduction in regional disparities.


Keywords:  regional growth, regional disparities, regional development, Morocco, development mechanisms.

Classification JEL: G41

Paper type: Analytic Research


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ATTAR BOULAICH, N. (2024). Regional growth mechanisms in Morocco: evidence on convergence approach. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 5(2), 211-226.