Organizational change management of digital administration

  • Adil KHALIL IBRAHIM National School of Business and Management of kenitra, Ibn tofail University kenitra, Morocco
  • Abdelhay BENABDELHADI National School of Business and Management of kenitra, Ibn tofail University kenitra, Morocco
Keywords: Digital transformation, Organizational change, Change management, e-administration, e-government


The recent interest of management researchers in the issue of organizational change is mainly based on its indispensable role in the efficient and effective accompaniment of the administration in its reform and modernization. Organizational change is therefore an imperative for appreciating the benefits of digitalization, a field that is currently expanding and evolving, and is prompting professionals and researchers to analyze and study the digitalization of public services. Although organizational change is considered a central element of any modernization process, it has not been studied beforehand to understand how to implement adequate change management for the technological developments that public organizations are undergoing. This article aims to clarify the concept of organizational change in the context of the digital transformation of public administration through different dimensions and forms, and to present an overview of the elements that play an important role in its success. In the public sector, the resistance of administrators to structural changes is considerable. It is in this perspective that it is essential to prepare the change management of any company or organization before embarking on modernization, digitalization, and redesign of procedures, in order to better support the administration in the success of its organizational and digital transformation.

This digital transformation cannot succeed without a real change management approach, which is seen as an essential element of the support of administrations to adapt to change, we will deepen our debate on the subject through the stages of change management and the keys to the success of the latter. The discussion and analysis of the different relationships between organizational change and digital administration have allowed us to propose a comprehensive theoretical framework in order to fundamentally identify multiple areas of future research and contribute to the knowledge of the subject.



JEL Classification: O32 ; O38

Paper type: Theoretical Research


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KHALIL IBRAHIM, A., & BENABDELHADI, A. (2022). Organizational change management of digital administration. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 3(2-1), 339-353.

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