The Digital Transformation of Public Administration: A Systematic literature review

  • Adil Khalil Ibrahim National School of Business and Management of kenitra, Ibn tofail University kenitra, Morocco
  • Abdelhay Benabdelhadi National School of Commerce and Management of Kenitra, Ibn Tofail University of Kenitra, Morocco
Keywords: Digital transformation, E-government, E-government, Digital strategy


In recent years, many governments have turned to digital as a phenomenon that allows them to provide digital services to users, facilitating access to information and simplifying administrative procedures in order to bring the citizen closer to the public administration

In order to appreciate the benefits of digital transformation, it is necessary to implement a strategy to support administrations in their digitalization process. This is why governments have adopted action plans and created monitoring bodies for the digital transformation strategy in order to better manage this revolutionary change in the public sector.

This paper aims to synthesize the systematic literature review of the phenomenon of digital transformation and e-government, to analyze the factors influencing this transformation and to identify the obstacles that may arise during the process of digitalization, thus preventing organizations from appreciating the effectiveness and efficiency of this transformation.

The research carried out shows that there are several prerequisites and determinants for the success of the digital transformation of the administration (trust, awareness, adoption, agility...). The digital transformation of public administrations would indeed allow the state to integrate the citizen as an actor influencing the reorientation of the vocation of governments, the focus on the satisfaction of the user of public services helps the administrations to customize the digital services provided according to the needs identified among users. Finally, the digitalization strategy adopted must take into account the country's context (legal, infrastructure, organizational, etc.) in order to adopt the appropriate organizational strategy for the success of the digitalization project and the creation of public value.


JEL Classification : O32 ; O38

Paper type: Theoretical Research 


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