China and central Asia regional financial cooperation

  • Gulnabat Orazgylyjova Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China
  • Emmanuel Owusu Oppong University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China
  • Daniel Elifross Lekey Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China
Keywords: Regional Financial Cooperation, Financial development, Financial Institutions, Financial Market, Financial Structure


The thesis is an essay that is an outcome of exploring and evaluating financial cooperation amongst China and Central Asian countries. The unique catch-up interest is China is a fast-growing economy under ''Socialism with Chinese characteristics'' with strong financial system while Central Asian countries seek to strengthen their economies and financial capabilities since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This paper, evaluate the functions and actability of the designated financial cooperation by bringing together shreds of evidence from empirical findings and from formed financial functionalism and experience from other regional financial cooperation and draw lessons to China and Central Asia financial cooperation.

The government and market are promoting financial models drive the china and central Asia financial cooperation. Based on Principle Components Analysis (PCA) empirical evaluation on China-Central Asia cooperation on financial institutions and other government supported organization. The cooperation has significantly great potential to support regional financial development as its plays part in ensuring financial; stability, Accessibility, depth efficiency and intensifying the extent of local currency settlement, currency swap cooperation.

PCA context based on individual countries, realizes the considerable difference in the level of financial development between China and Central Asian countries, China is highly developed in both financial institutions, financial markets and its internal financial system compared to central Asian countries which appears to only highly advanced into financial institutions than financial markets and low speed in the financial system advancement. Into the regional level, financial institutions are highly advanced than financial markets and financial institutions revealed to play a great role in accelerating the advancement of the regional financial system than financial markets.

From that point, regional financial cooperation needs mechanisms for strengthening individual country and region financial system especially financial market system, a mechanism that can play part in heightening financial market access, depth and efficiency, that develop and integrate policies that allow private investors and financial markets to fully participate in regional investments. China and Central Asian countries can shift from just financial “cooperation model” into “institutional integration model” by formulating a regional financial institution that can coordinate cross borders, mutual trades, local regional banks, regulators of capital markets, controller of capital movement, establishing well exchange rate mechanism.


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Orazgylyjova, G., Owusu Oppong , E., & Elifross Lekey, D. (2021). China and central Asia regional financial cooperation. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 2(1), 502-520.