The Consumer's Perception Of Labeled Agri-Food Products

A Systematic Literature Review

Keywords: Systematic review of the literature, Consumer perception, Willingness to pay, Date products.


Aware of the need to take into consideration consumer behavior in order to define adequate offers according to their attitudes and expectations, as well as to promote the image of local products by moderating their specificities according to consumer needs, not only the scientific community, but also the professional community have been working on the analysis and evaluation of consumer perception, as a process capable of identifying and clarifying the factors influencing the consumer's purchase decision, which are often characterized as a black box. The analysis of consumer perception, as it has been conducted in several areas and has approved its usefulness, we thought to mobilize it as a process especially in understanding the factors that can moderate the decision to buy date products labeled in the region of Daraa-Tafilalet in Morocco, in order to clarify the determining factors that need to be questioned when analyzing consumer perceptions, with the aim of promoting a future project to add value to date products in the region of Daraa-Tafilalet in Morocco, within the framework of an international project called ValueTeam/ArimNet2 in collaboration with Moroccan, French, Algerian and Tunisian partners.

To do so, we have mobilized the systematic literature review as a research method, based essentially on the mobilization and analysis of 43 recent scientific publications, and other related publications, published between 2016 and 2020, which allowed us to build a battery of basic variables, capable of characterizing the factors influencing consumers' purchasing decisions.


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Bouhid, L., Ait Hou, M., & Saidi, A. (2021). The Consumer’s Perception Of Labeled Agri-Food Products: A Systematic Literature Review. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 2(1), 124-150.